Shawn Fordham

Shawn Fordham
Executive Director
Class: Class of 1984

    Shawn LaMar Fordham holds an appointment with the U.S. Federal Government as a District Manager with the Social Security Administration (SSA).Past positions held with SSA include a stint in the administration’s press office and Office of External Affairs as a national public affairs specialist. During that time he appeared in several interviews, including C-SPAN’s Washington Journal. He has also served in local government and civic organizations, as well. After serving as Campaign Manager for the successful mayoral campaign of John F. Street for the City of Philadelphia, he led Mayor Street’s transition committee (The Philadelphia 21st Century Forum) as its Executive Director. Due to its impact on the City of Philadelphia, he was named to the Philadelphia Daily News, 2004 list of “Top 10 to Watch.” This also led to an appearance as a political consultant on a Showtime reality TV show hosted by Montel Williams, The American Candidate.

    Fordham was then appointed as Senior Advisor to the Mayor and Deputy Secretary of Legislative Affairs. In 2005, he resigned and was appointed by the Mayor to serve as the Executive Director of the Philadelphia Gaming Advisory Task Force, which was tasked with evaluating and reporting findings on the social and economic impact of gaming on the City of Philadelphia and its residents. This report received national attention and was reported in USA Today. At the completion of the Task Force’s mission, Fordham became a Government Relations Consultant, and was appointed to the Board of Directors for the Philadelphia Regional Development Authority.

    In addition to his service to the government, Fordham is also a licensed minister and serves as the Lay Pastor of the East Lansdowne SDA Church just outside of the City of Philadelphia, and he is currently working towards a Masters in Pastoral Ministry. This is what he calls his most rewarding work.

    Shawn is a graduate of Washington Adventist University, with a B.S. in Organizational Management and a Master’s in Public Administration.