Supporting PFA


The Alumni Association exists 100% on contributions and the generosity of alumni and supporters. Alumni Weekend fees and contributions primarily cover the costs of conducting alumni weekend. All restricted contributions received are held for the purpose given and most generally are for projects and activities being undertaken by the Academy.

Nevertheless, a key purpose of the National Pine Forge Academy Alumni Association is to provide an organization that serves and promotes the beneficial interests of Pine Forge Academy, its alumni and friends, and to work collaboratively with the Academy and the Pine Forge Academy Foundation to promote the unique qualities and benefits of the PFA experience to prospective students and their families. To this end, the Alumni Association seeks to foster pride, loyalty, and a life-long connection to Pine Forge Academy among alumni, students, parents and supporters by:

May 29, 1935
1. Partnering with the Academy regarding opportunities to engage and connect with alumni and supporters and to assist with the promotion and coordination of various programs and events.
2. Seeking to engage all PFA alumni and supporters in a mutually beneficial, lifelong connection to each other and the Academy and to encourage alumni support and guidance to advance the Academy’s purpose.
3. Encouraging alumni and supporters to volunteer their time and talent, and to become dedicated to contributing regular and recurring financial support to the Academy.
4. Communicating PFA’s needs and news to alumni and friends, and celebrating the unique accomplishments of the Academy and its alumni
5. Providing and promoting opportunities for volunteer engagement, professional association and career development, leadership, and fellowship among alumni and supporters

Since 2005, the Alumni Association has supported the Academy in several important ways:
1. In 2017, donated $313,000 from the “Reignite70” Campaign for improvements to the boys and girls dormitories, the cafeteria, and for the creation of a STEM Lab.
2. In 2013, Purchased a 15-passenger van ($20,000) for transporting students.
3. In 2013, donated approximately $5,000 for the purchase of scientific materials and supplies necessary to satisfy accreditation requirements.
4. Secured a $200,000 Federal grant that allowed significant improvements to be completed in the gymnasium.
5. Donated approximately $25,000 for the 2014 repairs and renovations to Handy Hall, the boys’ dormitory.
6. In partnership with the Pine Forge Academy Foundation, the Alumni Association led the way in the 2005 $1.2 million renovation of the Wagner Hall administrative and academic complex.
7. Provided annual scholarships to students totaling approximately $150,000.
8. Leveraged an important alumnus relationship that has resulted in more than $300,000, in cash contributions, given directly to PFA.

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