PRJ Student Center

The Paul R. Jones Student Center

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The Pine Forge Academy Foundation, with assistance from the National Pine Forge Academy Alumni Association and Pine Forge Academy, is committed and will lead the way forward to raising the estimated $3.5 million needed to construct the Paul R. Jones Student and STEAM Center. The building is named in honor of our beloved Pine Forge Academy mathematician, teacher, and coach.

The PRJ building will house a Student Lounge, Cafeteria, Music and Performance spaces, work program offices, and the STEAM classrooms. A major matching funds donor has been secured who will match donations up to $250,000 until December 31, 2018. All donations and the matching gift will be designated for the construction of the Paul R. Jones Student Center.

Watch the video and make your matching gift today! 

The History.

Forty years ago, the Pine Forge Academy cafeteria was destroyed by fire.The Kimbrough Hall girls’ dormitory has doubled as a cafeteria ever since. This is unacceptable since it limits living and activity space in the dormitory. Meanwhile PFA students have never enjoyed the environment of a vibrant student center.


The Plan.

The envisioned Paul R. Jones Student Center will serve needs as diverse as a cafeteria, STEM Lab, classrooms, student work coordinator, performance space and accommodate future student population growth.